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Ontario Canoeing!  Your heart pounds with excitement as you scramble down the last hill of your portage, your wide eyes surveying the crystal clear water that lies before you. Paddle in hand, you take that first mighty stroke, and begin to propel yourself into an adventure of the unknown. Much like the Voyageurs did so many years before you, the river is now your friend, leading you down a route of wondrous sights, sounds and remarkable memories. Take one last look behind you, and prepare to leave the urban world as you know it out of sight and mind for as long as you choose.

Welcome to the remarkable world of canoeing - an activity that never fails to enrich and excite the many participants that take a seat every year in this floating nature machine.

Although the canoe of today may look similar in material and structure, it wasn't always this way. The native people of North America, using many different coverings and shapes and sizes, developed our modern day canoe over the course of thousands of years. Originally known as a "kenu" - meaning dugout - the first crafts were of a clumsy and heavy design, not boding well for the frequent land travel that was necessary during this day and age. After a series of trial and errors, the birch-bark canoe was finally born, culminating in a lightweight and resilient waterproof shell that was a perfect combination for traveling across water. And, as the cliché goes, the rest is history. And what a celebrated and romanticized history it is. Images of courageous voyageurs spring to mind, boats loaded to the brim with fur, forging out a livelihood in the sheer vastness of beauty we all call Canada.

For those that want to experience everything that Ontario's wilderness has to offer, there really is no better way than by paddling a canoe. Our province has thousands upon thousands of miles of waterways, from rivers and streams to lakes and ponds, each offering the adventurer a different tangent and scenery. And the breathtaking scenery is unspoiled in every way imaginable. Extensive canoe route systems criss-cross the far north, beckoning you to explore every single nook and cranny. These are the very water highways that shaped our heritage, and gave us the history that we've all come to love.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the best way to see and enjoy Ontario's entire splendor is to book a canoe trip. These trips offer the enthusiast everything they will need - from the craft itself, to meals, lodging and expert guidance and advice. You can choose from many different packages to suit your own personal needs or experience level, resting assured that the knowledge and commitment to service these companies put forth is second to none. Choose from a guided or unguided trip, a long or a short stay. Whichever it is, the experience and thrills are sure to last a lifetime.

Combine your love of fishing into your canoe trip, casting and paddling into some of Ontario's greatest fishing holes. And don't forget the fillet knife in order to savour the day's catch over the open flame of a campfire!

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